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Slavery in Modern Australia

The LNP and its leader are now officially worse than the despotic Roman Emperor Caligula  when it comes to social welfare for the populace and equal to his view of them as little more than a docile workforce.  In its Election Budget 2016 it is using a modern day version of slavery as an incentive to business owners to take on interns.

Sounds good so far, after all interning in a wonderful way to work your way into a career of choice, so why do you ask am I tossing around words like slavery and making comparisons to dead Romans.  Well here’s the nasty; for every intern hired they will be payed $1000 while the intern themselves will be payed half the Australian minimum wage [$4/hour], not by the business owner but by the Australian government or should I say the Australian taxpayers.

An $840 million Intern plan seems to be its best effort to prove that the LNP cares for the Australian middle class and working man.  It has been called everything from simply illegal to outright slavery and STILL Malcolm Turnbull is touting THIS as his best effort to be seen as innovative with jobs and growth. [we’re all going to get sick of those three words over the next few weeks…..ewwww slogans for election time]

I’m not sure if what I am feeling is laughter, hysteria or the building of an incredible rage; but for now all  I know is that slavery has just become the LNPs election platform and best hope…… for all of us they cannot be allowed another term.

This wonderful take on this part of the 2016 Election Budget expresses my hysteria, distress and anger so well.  It is a brilliant piece of satire so brutally honest that you have to watch it over and over just to get all the nuances.


Goodbye to The Weekend Funny & Welcome To Hell

Well it wasn’t as big a response as I hoped for but as I’ve been absent for so long all in all it was very encouraging.  I think I’ll end this round of chortles and giggles [there were SOME, weren’t there???] with an old favorite of Rowan Atkins doing his one man segment on Welcome to Hell.

It being Monday here in Oz and on the brink of it on the other side of the pond it seemed appropriate:

Data Retention Made Fun???

I haven’t been as attendant with my Weekend Funny Challenge as much as I might have wished but while it is Sunday here in the land of Oz I do know across the pond I have another day before the fun comes to an end.

So I thought I’d address an issue that is actually quite serious to many of us, that of data retention  but with a twist.  Charlie Pickering from The Weekly did a wonderful satire a few weeks back and I thought it more than worth the share.

Happy Twenty-First

Best  Mothers Day Present Ever

I will never forget the day your were born. So many people were waiting to meet you. The feeling was amazing, you were wanted and loved by many before you even drew breathe.

What is even more wonderful is that from everything I have seen and heard little has changed since then.

It is a testament to your parents, Matthew and Sarah, who raised a boy who grew to be a man worthy of such love and friendship. You too have reason for pride; for taking those lessons and building a life of your own.

Wishing you always what is best for you – all my love mum


Big Bang Theory Meets Religion

Welcome Back to the Weekend Funny Challenge


big bang theory
Always knew God was a bit of a joker so what we have here is a giant space fart that created life on earth – now so much makes sense from that perspective.

I’ve decided that with the almost daily dose of pain, loss and general anger that abounds, not just in this country but in so many others it was time to reinstate an old habit of mind that dedicates the weekend to that of humor.

It can run the gauntlet from satire to lavatory and as long as it makes you giggle then let it rip [yes that was a fart pun].  In the past I’ve set themes but for this new start at our Weekend Funny Challenge I’ll be accepting all entries.

For those of you who don’t know how it goes here’s the rules:

Leave a reply with a link back to your own site for those who wish to visit

OR simply include the link  -in your own humorous post as this will create a ping-back and allow others to visit you also.

I really hope to hear from some of you but I know it’s been awhile since I’ve been a regular – there are reasons which I will be writing about but they are not suitable for a weekend of laughter.


The Festering Seed at the Heart of Victim Blaming

The darker side of love
Festering in so many of us

I’ve given a great deal of thought to this piece over the past weeks and have come to realise that what I am feeling is more than just the outrage at the lack of understanding from so many for the plight of a young girl who was assaulted and found no justice due to the level of alcohol in her system.  It is the anger that this is systemic of all that is wrong with our society socially, morally and yes politically.  Therefor as a result that while I will begin my story there it is not where I am eventually heading.

Worse he thought he meant well.

The final frustration began with an online conversation with a man who appeared to be an extremely decent human being, one who showed great contempt and anger for the person who had harmed this young woman and the lack of result she received from the police.

However woven through his message was this line that perhaps if she had been a little more aware of her surroundings or less inebriated then the situation would not have occurred.  I tried to explain to him that THIS attitude is what formed the ultimate barrier to true justice for crimes against not just women but all those who were in ‘vulnerable‘ situations and yet I failed to make a dent in his heart of hearts.

He gave me examples such as ‘going swimming with crocodiles which was asking for trouble‘ and yet when I pointed out that people weren’t crocodiles and food chain wise we’re actually on the menu as opposed to the obviously naive idea I had that people weren’t likely to dine on you at the local swimming hole. Sarcasm on my part failed also I’m afraid

right and wrong
He just could see how the two related

Trying as a last resort I asked the man that if he saw a drunk with his wallet sticking out, or a young man/woman too inebriated to care for themselves would he simply steal the wallet or take advantage of the person in their compromised state?

Of course not, because he was not an animal, he was a person who knew right from wrong, good from bad and had a sense of protection to those who due to their own actions may have left themselves open to harm from a number of different circumstances.

He of course agreed with me ‘in principle’, never seeing the ugly truth of ‘by their own actions’ which showed sadly  his heart held a festering seed of condemnation or contempt for those who found themselves harmed as a result of such circumstances AND still he could not see it was that we were fighting against every day in this world.

From the very practical social example I’d like to move to the issue of the morality of such condemnation, not just with victims of crime but all those who are victimised in some way especially those who often seek comfort in our churches.  In a way it is worse to see this festering seed at work in places of supposed shelter and odd to watch it amongst our religious leaders who ‘suffer the weak to come unto them’. It makes one wonder just what does weak imply in the hearts of these men and it does seem as ‘suffer‘ is something that must be endured by those helping not those in need of such aid.

We watch as the condemnation and the penance for promiscuous behavior, lewd language and perhaps an overt lack of respect for the trappings of the churches and their spokespersons seem as a type of damnation of the weak and needy and even those who support their causes [those nasty lefties].

What makes it even harder is to watch is often a lessor form or penance or censure levied at those who appear successful, lacking in the ‘smell [so to speak] of the poor or the weak’. We see almost comradely berating, finger wagging on one hand and the collection bowel in the other  against those who steal for gain not for need, who harm not to defend but to dominate, who labor to build mansions on earth bit give nothing to those who are without homes in the here and now.  It is here again that I feel and see that festering seed of blame has become entrenched even in those whose entire life is meant to be that of service to those in need.

Please understand that I do not speak against religion and church as a whole but more the extreme groups who seek to enforce a code or behavior that not longer represents the flock they are meant to protect.  We have wonderful examples of charity with the incredible offering of Sanctuary by so many churches from so many denominations around Australia. The wonderful support from the Anglican Bishop of Gosford for support his priest and his parish in his ongoing messages of support to those trapped in offshore detention.


It is here again that I would like to talk about the festering seed of victim blaming at the heart of so much that we see day by day in this world.  Before we discuss the truly obscene game of victim blaming going on at a federal level I would like to talk about the two most distressing occurrences that have occurred on Australian watch in my lifetime [that I know of] and that is the immolation of two asylum seekers, one dead and the other in critical condition ;unlikely to survive.


The utter exhaustion, hopelessness and finally simple loss of any reason to live in world that no longer make sense.  Dutton would like us to shake our heads and mutter – Oh I’m not sure about the way he went about that and feel deep within ourselves that festering seed of blame for the victim.  The words of another writer, Jenny Geale, have expressed my heartbreak at what happened in this past fortnight and I hope you take the time to read her work.

Our Immigration minister would have us believe that our inner soul wrestling was unneeded and by him unheeded for according to Mr Dutton these were not acts of desperation at horrific living conditions, nor exhaustion from endless, fruitless delays of ‘legitimate claims‘, let me repeat that these two people had been found to be genuine refugees. A young Somali woman named Hodan and  Omid Masoumali are dead and dying for no reason other than complete and utter despair.  Omid had been there or over 3 years and was told that morning he would remain there for another 10 unless he returned to his country of origin first signing a waiver making Australia in no way responsible as to his eventual circumstances upon arrival when he arrived back in the place he fled in fear of his life.


Over and over we’ve had it forced down our throats until we choke on the idea that these interlopers, these queue jumpers, of which they are neither, are trying to cross our borders for whatever nefarious schemes they must have.  The truth of course is much less palatable – we’ve been lied to again and again and again for nothing more than political point scoring from both sides of the spectrum.  Between the ALP and LNP we have created the first official concentration camps since World War  II.   The UN, The Australian Human Rights Commission  [back in 2014] and the  Supreme Court of PNG  [not to the surprise of their government] have found that these centers are unlawful.

Yet appallingly our government relies on YOU to be so afraid of these people and the possibility of a massive influx [which never existed in Australia] of those arriving by boat to let this travesty continue.  They rely on that little festering seed of doubt in your heart that surely they must somehow deserve this.  Or it is somehow not at as bad as it sounds [oh it is and worse ] and if only they just went home, then we all wouldn’t have to worry about it any longer.

But this festering seed of victim blaming goes much further than some islands offshore, its coming home to roost ladies and gentlemen, right in our backyard and wallet.  We have a government who seems to think that the disabled, those on pensions and those seeking New Start or Austudy are somehow weaker, slacker and at blame for all that we face in our lives.  Those who face violence in their homes or on our streets are somehow to blame at heart.  Our Minister for Disability Christian Porter [nice name pity it’s not apt], sees those on Disability as a burden and has made it his mission in life to ‘strip the fat’.

This government has even gone as far as to convince the average worker that there are evil pensioners out there scamming millions from honest hardworking self funded retirees all the while there are figures showing that welfare fraud across the board [all types of welfare fraud not just pensions] is at 0.7%.  While they’re busy driving these upstanding citizens into a frenzy at the thought of all those bludgers and cheats this government is quietly chopping away at our penalty rates, health care, education and social welfare programs.  We now have a situation were the Premier of VIC spends more on domestic violence than the entire federal government which is a disgrace but perhaps a little example of the festering seed in the heart of our federal government for those it considers less or weak. Surprise,surprise – you didn’t think it wasn’t any of your fault now did you???? Well it is to an extent but it is a fault that can be cut out of our hearts.

What we need as a nation, perhaps as humanity itself is to look into the black heart of ourselves and admit that it is easier to blame than to help, that it is easier to begrudge our assistance because we feel that surely those that require it must be at blame somewhere.

How about we raise men and women to help those in need rather than harm, to offer aid rather than take advantage and for the love of all that remains of our humanity dig that festering seed or blame, resentment, betrayal, anger at all those who have done you harm and cease using it as a reason to do harm, even in your hearts, to others.

Below I have included an excerpt from the documentary Chasing Asylum, by an Oscar-winning director who has worked in war zones all over the world – it will be shown around the world and will further damage our reputation internationally.  No more Australia – The Great Country with Great People: and Australia THIS is what we have come to by allowing that festering seed grow within our hearts until the atrocities committed seen here have become a part of we have been led to believe is needed for our society to function, like so many federal cuts coming are needed.

Ask yourselves – if you dare – just when do you recognise your own fear and fight it instead of those who need your help.


Mothers Day Thoughts

beryce nelson
My Mother Beryce Nelson

I’d like to tell you about one of the strongest women I’ve ever met in my entire life and what she means to me.  I’ve fought with her, cried with her, leaned on her, derided her, ignored her, envied her and loved her more than any other human being on this planet.

She’s seen me at my worst and vice a versa as well as at my best and I her.  I’ve taken her for granted and be grateful to her all at the same time.  Loved and hated with equal passion and I’m sure the reverse is true.

She see’s me, an uncomfortable experience for a person who prefers to present an image of my making to the world but then again I guess we are equal in that I see her far too clearly I am sure for her liking at times.

She helped make me and yet over time I think it is fair to say that we had a hand in making each other who are today, the good, the bad and the indifferent; yet you know I’m not at all sure I would change that if I could.

She was the rock on which I leant, the wall against which I railed and presence I fled and yet returned to again and again.

My pen became my laptop

She pushed me at times and pulled me at others and yet without telling me who or what to be be she shaped the person I would eventually become.  She sharpened the mind she had given me into a weapon and the words I learnt as a child into my sword.

She never told me what to write only hinted that it should come from within me and the words should reflect not just the person I wished to be but the world in which I wished to live.

When I broke she waited for me to realise that only I could make myself whole, only I could decide who I wished to be and when I healed she cheered.

being yourself
A lesson I took too long to learn

She raised no armchair intellectual content to discuss the finer ethics of social morality [although from time to time it is fun]. She championed my choice to leave the commercial world and fight where the only pay I would have is the knowledge that I wake up everyday believing in what I do.

So I have no money for expensive gifts, no trite words of the Hallmark variety but I do have the gift or recognition of all that she gave and the knowledge that it also came with things she lost to be who she was to me.

I can think of nothing else of value than to recognise the many gifts given to me by my Mother, Beryce Ann Nelson, on this mothers day and only hope that she has always understood that even when I raged and railed at her she has always had my love and respect. i_love_my_mum-286367


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